Welcome to my website! My name is Noor. In the year 2012, I quit my job as a software consultant to homeschool my kids(these two munchkins!!)I love every bit of it, the reading, the exploring and the learning. This site is not just intended for homeschoolers. I see homeschooling as a subset of Parenting , so there is a lot of information for Parents in general. On a random day, if I am not with the kids, you will find me sipping ‘Chai’, reading something or cooking something or excitedly telling someone what I just learnt and there cannot be anything more important than that!

I am recording our homeschool journey right here on this website with the hope that something here may inspire you and help you… and me too(on my bad days)… and take us one step closer to our goals as parents!

With one simple idea at a time…